Fun, Friendly, Effective Fitness For Life.


Some of our latest testimonials...

"The weather changes, the terrain changes but the constant is you will always have fun and feel great about yourself at the end of the session."

"Great opportunity to learn how to keep fit and enjoy your fitness training at the same time."

"I have just run race for life, something I would never have dreamed of doing this time last year!"

"Fantastic all weather workout, mixed with humour and fresh air. Helen pushes you to your own personal limit!"

"I've had a fantastic time at the outdoor fitness class and can't believe that I didn't become involved sooner, my initial trepidation couldn't have been wider off the mark, it has been an eclectic mix of abilities and personalities and it's been enjoyable to see everyone develop at their own tempo.

This is certainly no 'ladies who lunch' walk in the park (I hope not anyway, I'm a man after all) and I've very much tried to rise to the challenge.

I've tried to push myself and am grateful for Helen's encouragement as well as the technical advice she has given me to help me get the most out of each session.

I would urge anyone who wants to breathe some new life into their life to get up and get outside. I'm certainly no 'gym junky' and I've found the classes an invaluable addition to improving not only my levels of fitness but my overall feeling of well-being.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."

"I never thought I would find myself wanting to go for a run on holiday!"

"Helen's classes are always varied and entertaining. She keeps incredibly up to date with the latest fitness techniques.

I am delighted that I have dropped 2 dress sizes under her guidance.

Join! It's great!"

"Having always seen myself as a 'non-runner' I've had so much fun finding out I CAN DO IT! I'm finding out about posture and safe techniques to make me run stronger for longer. It's a really friendly bunch and you can definitely find your own level.

Thanks Helen."

"I've been training with Stones Outdoor Fitness for 3 years now having been a complete non-runner prior to that.

We train through all weather conditions, but nothing takes away from the feeling of energetic exhilaration at the end of each session.

Helen is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the human body, being medically trained, and it really shows when she takes us through our exercises and stretches between runs.

I have gone down two dress sizes and ran the 5k Race for Life, with Helen, last year in under 25 minutes, an amazing feat for someone who had not run before.

Helen runs the group with a much needed firm hand, but with a great sense of humour, we all enjoy the camaraderie while reaping the benefits of being fitter- and slimmer!"

"If left to my own devices I wouldn't exercise at all, but having joined Helens classes it is a fun way to keep fit."

"Friday morning class-a great way to earn a truly indulgent weekend!"

"I first started out in Helen's post natal exercise class. As well as getting fit, it was fun and very sociable. I have moved on to her fitness walking class which has all the same benefits but with the added bonus of fresh air."

"Outdoor fitness sessions with Helen are fun, challenging and great for body and mind.

I've tried various fitness classes and gym workouts, but this is one that endures. Helen's sessions give an overall body workout geared to your individual fitness level.

No waiting for gym equipment to be free, or sweating it out in an overcrowded studio. The fresh air clears the mind, leaving me feeling exhilarated and energized."