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Stones Studio

Sports remedial massage therapy and corrective exercise

Eliminate problematic areas to move more freely and return to your active everyday life.

Muscles that may be causing problems are pinpointed with a series of tests, and then treated and corrective exercises given.


See the Session page for details of days and times.

One to one personal training

A bespoke programme to achieve personal health and fitness goals however big or small.

One to One Biomechanics Screen and Coaching

There are two types of biomechanics; extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic biomechanics is the study of how we move when we lift, throw, kick etc..

Intrinsic biomechanics helps us understand why we may experience pain, why we are prone to injury or why our performance is not optimal. It can be effected by our genetic make up, by daily tasks such as sitting at a desk, driving or running in the wrong shoes.

Intrinsic Biomechanics screening gives you the confidence to become more active and ability to move freely by assessing the body's mechanics. It empowers you to look after yourself with your own corrective plan. The result: to improve joint/nerve mobility, reduce/stop pain, improve performance.

One to one biomechanics screening involves:
  • Initial screen
  • 1-11/2hours: health questionnaire and evaluation
The screen involves a series of measurements using bones and joints as landmarks in order to isolate areas of poor muscle function, nerve mobility, foot function,gait and leg length. Detailed results are recorded and specific exercises are given to release isolated muscles and mobilize nerves.

Follow up screens: max 1 hour:

The body is screened as the initial screen, change is noted and relevant exercises that easily fit into everyday life are given. Change may be felt as muscle function, spine, joint and nerve mobility are restored or change.

Timescale for benefits:

Completion of the small daily exercises are paramount for results.

Conditioning Clinic

A taylor made session using your intrinsic biomechanics together with individual muscle movement and strength goals in mind incorporating suspension training, mat work, resistance bands. Max 4 people

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