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Postnatal Fitness

Mums on the move (MOTM)

A progressive programme specifically designed to improve/regain fitness, reach personal goals and help the body adapt to the added demands of motherhood during the first year. The sessions will teach correct posture and technique for walking with buggies at the pace needed to make a difference. Special consideration to the pelvic floor, core strength and main muscle groups is given. Biomechanic screening is incorporated where necessary. An all round session to get fit with your baby happy in the buggy whilst meeting other mums.The sessions are a mix of outdoor and indoor depending on the season and are run in 6 week blocks.

You can organize your own group or contact Helen for details of current courses you can join.

Post natal testimonials

"The classes are fun and energetic. I have learned so much about my posture and how to exercise correctly, it has made a real difference. Each week we have an agenda for the class and we adapt it to work around how the children are behaving, which is really helpful."
Michele Martin, Oxhey
"I started the post natal class when my son was 10 weeks old. As well as helping me to shift all the baby weight it was a great way of meeting other new Mums. As a result of Helen's classes I am now about to return to work a close size smaller than I was pre-pregnancy!"
Jen Kendal, Chalfont
"Good instruction, clear advice, information easy to use ad apply to everyday life, teaches clearly and motivates."
Andi, Oxhey
The course has helped with my overall fitness and improved my energy levels
Excellent course, Helen has knowledge of post natal issues and gives great encouragement.
Helena, Oxhey
Very motivational, fun and tough but not mean.
Very approachable, motivating and fun.
Rosie, Oxhey
Brilliant course!
Great trainer! I am nervous to undertake new exercise as I slipped a disc 3 years ago. Helen knew exactly how to help me and ensure exercises were safe for me. Thanks.
Catherine, Bovingdon

You can find details of our Sessions dates and times on our Sessions Page.