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Biomechanics Testimonials

"Due to an intense swimming regime, my 12 year old son had a painful shoulder which inhibited his movement in his training and caused him pain. After Helen's examination and bio-mechanic exercises prescribed over a period of 6 weeks, my son's performance began to change and unbelievably improve in his ability and strength in the water. So much so, that his personal best was increased by a huge amount at every competition. We are now on a strength programme so that my son can learn to use his core and gluteal muscles to increase his performance even further without causing any further shoulder damage. He has now 12 weeks on got through to the regional swimming championships."
Annette Owen on behalf of Jamie Owen.
Sports Corrective exercise, conditioning clinic and rock tape testimonial.
"After weeks of remedial exercise to treat a hamstring issue Helen applied Rock Tape to my leg and it was amazing! Itís like having a comforting splint (even though you canít feel it) as the tape supports and meant I had no pain at all even when walking up hills or stairs which had been problematic. Itís completely brilliant! I continue in the conditioning clinic with Helen and am now pain free."
Becky Clark
"Following what I thought was a hip injury, Helen gave me a biomechanics assessment, exercises to do at home and an amazing sports massage which really sorted my hip, calves and hamstrings which was much needed and has allowed me to continue my high mileage training for the Brighton and London Marathons, I am so grateful as I don't think I would have been able to continue without Helen's intervention!"
Liz, Chalfont St Peter
"Having suffered from severe groin, lower back and shoulder pain for a over a year, which refrained me from power walking or jogging, I began treatment with Helen to see if the bio-mechanics would help me. Within a very short time, having religiously done the exercises Helen prescribed each week, the pain reduced dramatically and the improvement in my fitness function was dramatic. Helen's expertise in assessing and correcting my body imbalances has now given me a much stronger and open body and I am now running on a regular basis with no cronic pain whatsoever."
Annette, Chorleywood
"I commenced an introductory course of six sessions in Biomechanics at the beginning of the year, having suffered from recurrent and long standing back and hip pain (due to poor posture and Osteoarthritis)with a gradual reduction in range of movement over the past few years. The problem had recently become exacerbated by the experience of pain at night which was waking me several times most nights and affecting my quality of life. I decided to try Biomechanics as I felt that it would help me to improve my posture and core body strength and may possibly reduce the pain, which did not respond well to pain killers.

I was assessed and given a range if exercises to carry out daily, both to reduce muscle spasm and increase strength and stability. The excercises were changed or modified at each session in response to any improvement or change that occurred over a period of approximately two months.

I gradually experienced a marked improvement in my core body strength and some improvement in the range of movement in my right hip. Towards the end of the introductory sessions there was also some reduction in the intensity of the pain at night, and some reduction in back and hip pain during the day.

I intend to continue with maintenance sessions in a group to see if I can maintain or even increase the improvements made so far. As my problem is due to some degree of Osteoarthritis associated with ageing I recognise that there will be a limit to how far any physical therapy can help but I am very satisfied with the progress I have made through the Biomechanics sessions so far."

Julie, Northwood

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